A Practice That Focuses on People

Everyone needs a power of attorney, a health care proxy and a living will. Most people need a will. Some also need trusts, or have particular concerns, such as literary property, philanthropic planning, valuable collections, prenuptial agreements, or loved ones with special needs. The estate tax and gift tax laws have also changed dramatically in recent years, and we can develop a strategy that is appropriate to your situation. Whether a client’s needs are simple or unusual, we conduct a highly individual process to craft a customized solution.

When someone close to you dies, it’s important to settle the estate efficiently, to navigate a complex structure of state and federal laws, to make vital technical decisions, and to maintain good relations among all the parties involved. Our experience with complex estates and our continual development of best practices help to ensure the smoothest and most economical process possible. We have particular experience handling estates for families outside the local area, keeping everyone involved and informed as we pull everything into order. We are in the New York probate courts every day and know how to get it all done.

Ron spent the first seven years of his career working on big-scale real estate deals, including the Times Square redevelopment and the creation of the High Line. And while the scale of your condo, coop or home transaction may be smaller, the complexity is the same, and the stakes, for you, are just as high. We know what problems can arise in the process, and we’ve developed a range of contract provisions that will protect you against them. We will not only advocate for you, we will guide you through a complicated process so that you know what’s coming at each stage, and so that all the pieces will fall into place. And we still do commercial work, on business leases and multi-family homes.

With our core skills in estate and real estate matters, we constantly encounter a wide range of related issues. We deal with many kinds of tax issues. We write, negotiate and review all kinds of contracts – between employers and employees, business partners, spouses or domestic partners. We form corporations and prepare operating agreements for many kinds of small businesses. We negotiate disputes, avoiding litigation where possible, and managing actions in court where necessary. We are not experts in everything, and we don’t try to be. But we are the go-to team for a lot of repeat clients, and we care about each client deeply. Whatever you need for your personal and small business matters, we can either provide the help, or find the help, that you need.

Ron L. Meyers & Associates, the Manhattan firm devoted
to helping clients plan their futures.

We handle commercial & residential real estate matters, planning and administering estates, probate assistance and more.

After working for years in corporate law firms, I opened this practice to focus on people. I offer a range of services that are most likely to be those you and your family will need in the course of your life and work. Many of my clients view me as their personal attorney and advisor. It’s a solemn trust that gives me great pride, and fosters great commitment to my clients.

I never take the facts for granted – each client is truly, strikingly unique. I want to hear what you have to say, and to understand the particulars of your situation. I know that legalese and serious decisions can put you off from getting important legal work done, so I have designed my process to be as smooth and comfortable for you as can be. The goal is to create a customized and lasting solution for you, so you won’t have to think about these things again for years to come.

Focusing on your future
protects your loved ones as well as your assets.

Effective estate planning is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Everyone needs a will, a power of attorney, a health care proxy and a living will. Some need trusts, and some have particular concerns, such as literary property, valuable collections, prenuptial agreements, or loved ones with special needs. Whether a client’s needs are simple or unusual, I conduct a highly individual process to craft a customized solution.

Many people have property that is subject to estate tax, and many transfers of property are subject to gift tax. These are stealth issues – it’s easy to be unaware of your exposure. I can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Real estate transactions vary from complex, billion-dollar deals
to basic landlord negotiations.

Big commercial deals and smaller residential contracts alike need
experienced representation.

I have handled real estate matters ranging from international, billion-dollar deals to individual real estate property agreements. The range, depth and breadth of my clients' backgrounds have helped me shape a solid real estate law foundation. Issues arise throughout real estate transactions and need to be dealt with quickly and effectively to keep your timeline on track. These matters are often resolved with legal negotiations that can be complicated, depending on the mitigating factors involved. I will represent your interests to the fullest extent of the law while doing my best to ensure a solid client-tenant relationship at the end of the day.