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Advance Directives and Dementia

It’s no joy to think about your will and what will happen after your death, but if there’s one subject that’s even harder, it’s how you would deal with medical issues in a condition of incapacity — and then it’s even harder to think about ...

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Write a New Will Before the Divorce, not After.

A very troubling case was referred to me recently by a close colleague who is a matrimonial attorney. His client died while in the midst of an acrimonious divorce. The result is the exact opposite of what the client would have wanted — since the ...

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Rewriting My Own Will — An Estate Lawyer's Reflections.

I’m accustomed to the challenges of being an estate lawyer. But I’m not accustomed to the challenges of bring a client! Rewriting my own will after a long time, I was surprised at some of the issues I encountered. For one, I found that some ...

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