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  Yesterday, a real estate broker with whom I work closely called to see if I could help with a property sale from an estate that she was working on.  It was a complicated matter and for a while it looked like a real problem, but then I was able to offer a solution that

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Write a New Will Before the Divorce, not After.

A very troubling case was referred to me recently by a close colleague who is a matrimonial attorney. His client died while in the midst of an acrimonious divorce. The result is the exact opposite of what the client would have wanted — since the husband she was divorcing was still her husband at the

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Have you been asked to sign a Waiver and Consent?

When a close relative dies, and someone other than you has been named in the will as the executor of the estate (or applies to the court to administer the estate, if there was no will), you will receive a Waiver and Consent document and you’ll be asked to sign and return it. This is

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