Estate Planning - Getting Started

Writing a Will and Related Documents

There are essentially three steps to this process: (1) information gathering and decision making, (2) draft documents, and (3) review and signing. We aim to make the process as smooth for you as possible.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Schedule an initial consultation online. We’ll meet for an hour or so to get to know each other and talk through your situation and your wishes. We will talk through any unique or complex circumstances you may have. There’s no charge for the meeting; by the end of it, we will settle on a flat fee for the project. Take a look at our Billing page for more information.

2. Download the initial intake questionnaire. This is designed to be simple — it should only take you 10-15 minutes to fill it all out. Please answer the questionnaire as fully as possible before the meeting, and, if you can, email it back in advance. They help us to cover all the bases in our information gathering.

We don’t need exact information such as account numbers or dollar figures, but please do indicate the ownership of any property in a joint, corporate or trust structure, as these are important legal details. If any questions are difficult to answer, don’t worry about it — we’ll discuss it in our meeting.