Work Outside of New York

There are certain types of work that we do frequently that may involve states other than New York. The attorneys of this firm are licensed in the state of New York, and there are certain limitations on what we can do when your issues cross state lines.

In estate planning matters, we may create a revocable trust for you. In such circumstances, you may have property outside of New York that must be transferred to the trust. Deeds for these properties, and any related filing forms or taxes, must be handled by local counsel in the state where the property is located.

In a probate or administration matter, you may have property located in other states. While we can handle the judicial proceedings in New York which may be necessary to initiate the administration of the estate, the actual transfer of the property may involve an additional “ancillary” proceeding in each state where the property is located. Such proceedings must be handled by counsel within that state.

If you are aware of such interstate issues in your work, please bring them to our attention, and we will discuss them in full detail, and do our best to connect you with competent counsel can complete the job that we begin for you.