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The Family Home

There’s great pride in passing a family home from one generation to the next. Sometimes, this allows relatives to remain in close contact under one roof and ensures attentive care to the elders and the children. But it can create a lot of ...

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Rewriting My Own Will — An Estate Lawyer's Reflections.

I’m accustomed to the challenges of being an estate lawyer. But I’m not accustomed to the challenges of bring a client! Rewriting my own will after a long time, I was surprised at some of the issues I encountered. For one, I found that some ...

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Ten Do's and Don't's for Writing Your Will

1.) Don’t put it off. Misfortune can happen at any time, and it’s much better to have your wishes stated in an actionable legal form than not to. 2.) Don’t get lost in the weeds. There can be a lot of issues and decisions involved in ...

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