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The following are a sampling of appreciative notes I've received (unsolicited) from clients over the years:

"Hello Ron, I am totally delighted at the speed with which this took place. Thank you so much for your expertise."

Client for complex estate matter

"I'm very pleased that you decided to continue working with me on my case and help me through this long and complicated journey."

Client in complex contested estate administration

"I wasted a lot of time and money with an insanely expensive Park Avenue lawyer who couldn't solve any of the issues on a complex estate case and through a friend's friend, finally found Ron. Not only was he an expert on complex estates, he was able to resolve the many problems of working in different states and countries. His solutions to the most insoluble ones were both highly creative and successful. He's also a pleasure to work with - I can't recommend him highly enough."

Client for complex, interstate and international estate settlement.

"I know in my heart that my dad would be pleased with your good efforts to protect the integrity of his estate, and for your guidance in protecting my future, too."

Client in contentious estate.

Thank you for all the effort and interest you put into this work on my behalf. I thought your manners and your way as a young lawyer were beautiful. I want to confess to you that my impression when I met you was very positive. And as an old man with a long experience, I could see through to your heart. If at any time in the future I need a lawyer, I will keep you in mind.

Client for coop equity loan (CALE) transaction.

Dear Ron, Many thanks. We feel very fortunate to have you representing us.

International real estate client

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our meeting and your warmth. I meet many people in your profession and your compassion and insight show through. Your clients are lucky to have you.

Colleague in elder planning

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your help during our family crisis. I will forever be grateful to you for your care, compassion, understanding and support during our crisis. Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement. You have such an exemplary and kind heart, and I cannot thank you enough for all you've done to help me get through a difficult time.

Estate settlement client.

I think you are very efficient and put your heart into what you are doing.

Client for coop equity conversion transaction (see "Special Solutions" page)

Among the things I'd hoped to express in person, had I made it into the office were as follows. First and foremost how much I've appreciated having you in my corner. ...I really appreciate how you went about this process on my behalf, with grace and tact. ...So again, thank you tremendously for you terrific assistance.

Estate beneficiary client.

I love your response and your comment for our client. I like the way you work.

Broker on client's real estate transaction.

Thank you very much, Ron [for the drafts of our estate planning documents]. So much thought and skill went into this, much appreciated.

Estate planning client

I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for being an instructor who helped me to succeed in my real estate career. I think your teaching was brilliant and I really was able to follow what you were saying. I was able to pass my licensing test the first time! Thanks again for helping aid my success!

Viewer of RLM Training Video

Thank you again for your providing such great representation for us in this process.

Real Estate Client

Lots of heartfelt thanks for your very excellent help.

Estate Planning Client

I trust your judgement implicitly and know you have my back.

Estate and real estate client

I am delighted, you are fantastic! Your handling of all of this has been brilliant and courteous.

Real estate client

Ron, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. Every time I connect with you I feel better. That's good lawyering!

Estate/transactional client

It was a pleasure meeting you and being so impressed by your professionalism, competence and low-keyed friendliness, untypical of many attorneys. I feel reassured that my estate is now in good hands.

Estate planning client

Thank you for dealing with these issues so sensibly. I am very glad you are representing our side in this matter.

Real estate transaction client

Thanks for everything. You are such a pleasure to work with and so very kind.

Estate settlement client

I've only just started to review them, but wanted to let you know that I really like how you approach them in terms of the thought and wording that goes into them - I was struck by how sensitive the language is. And I appreciate where you thought of issues that we didn't.

Estate planning client

I recommend you all the time, I think you're really great.

Estate planning client

Wanted to give you a huge shout out and say thank you so, so much. Really appreciate you sticking by us. You are a true gentleman and an honor to work with.

Repeat client: estate planning and real estate

We reviewed the documents you sent to us and we are delighted by your style and tone. THANK YOU.

Estate planning client

Hats off and many thanks to Ron [and others] for all your contributions to this great evening. This is such a step forward for us.

Charitable organization, regarding advice on long-term philanthropic planning

Thank you for managing this. You've done such a nice job in handling all parties. You are very diplomatic. Thank you.

Real estate transaction client

Thanks again for all of your help. You were really fantastic to work with. I'll be recommending you to my friends!

Real estate client

Thanks for being so pleasant and friendly and for making me feel so comfortable with an attorney, not always the case.

Estate planning client

Thanks for the final memorandum. It looks great. I'm so appreciative that you write simply and clearly without unnecessary legal jargon.

Estate planning client

I meant to send you a note yesterday to thank you again for your guidance and direction and for looking out for us.... Simply, thank you Ron. I think you rock out loud.

Estate planning client

It was a pleasure meeting and speaking to you. We appreciated your expertise in assisting us in planning our legal affairs. You were patient, thorough, and understanding.

Estate planning clients

Thanks for everything Ron. You are a rock star!!!! ?Awesome. ...You're stuck with [both of us], and our families for life.

Repeat client: real estate, estate settlement and estate planning.

Just a quick note to express our sincere thanks for your great support throughout the process. Both [my husband] and I have greatly appreciated your honesty, competence and professionalism. Today, in particular, we were proud to have you representing us at the negotiating table. Again, many thanks.

Real estate transaction clients

It sounds like we should wait until we get a reply and then do whatever your judgment says we need to do. You have been terrific.

Client for estate and personal business matters

Your thinking strikes me as "right on." Thank you! This is why we need lawyers with expertise!

Estate planning and tax client

Thank you for the updated memo and everything else you have done for us. We appreciated your honesty, input and understanding in our situation. ...Again THANK YOU and it was great seeing you again.

Estate and real estate client, relating to complex family property situation

I want to express my appreciation for all that you've done on both contracts. You are not only an outstanding attorney whom I am proud to recommend to others but you're also a good friend, one who has looked out for my best interests with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. There were mine fields to avoid and you navigated my way through them with exceptional competence.

Client testimonial

Hi Ron! Thank you so much for all the work you've done! You are so wonderful.

Client for negotiation of family conflict

Thanks, Ron, for taking the time and going the extra mile to draft what I find to be a quality communication, in that it addresses the issue at hand with style and precision. So regardless of the outcome, much, greatly, and forever appreciated.

Client in real estate negotiation

Wonderful working with you --I really appreciate your input and responsiveness!

Client for business contracts

I would like to thank you for your educational videos [on real estate transactions]. I feel that I am well prepared for a career in commercial real estate because of the material covered in the course.

Student in real estate broker licensing course

I was talking to another associate after the event and we were talking about how much we enjoyed your talk and about how much we learned. At one point I also said to her, Ron's totally the person I want to be in ten years!

Junior attorney, speaking of RLM after attending RLM presentation on recent developments in the law.

The Meyers Plan is working beautifully. There may be [still be some] problems, but things do look good. And Ron, your guidance had a lot to do with it. We've come so far so quickly, and I can't thank you enough.

Hello Ron, Thank you so much. I trust you completely on however you feel we should proceed. I am grateful to have retained such a thorough and thoughtful attorney!

I wanted you to work with [my client] because you are the most accessible (from the standpoint of being a good listener and being empathetic) lawyer that I know!

Financial advisor referring a client.

I have taken [your real estate] course online, and I would like to say you were a great teacher. Extremely knowledgeable and a clear expert in your field.

Student in real estate brokers licensing course.

Ron, thanks very much. and thank also for your patient and wise counsel throughout this entire stressful process. You are a good man and please feel free to use us as a reference anytime.

Estate Planning Client.

Hello Ron, Thank you so much. I trust you completely on however you feel we should proceed. I am grateful to have retained such a thorough and thoughtful attorney!

Estate settlement client

Thanks for not killing me & getting results... I really appreciate it...

Client in contentious estate matter

Thanks Ron - we appreciate you looking out for us! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Partners in an investment property matter

I am very grateful for your assistance. I know you are quite busy and to spend the time writing your email will not be forgotten. You saved me a great amount of time where others would give the run around, an unclear path. If I can pay for your time please let me know.

Prospective client, in response to correspondence providing guidance on a situation in a location outside our practice area.

Thank you sooo much for your continued assistance through this nightmare [will contest]. I am so grateful to have you gentlemen guide me through all this with your expertise. I cannot say thank you enough. Hugs.

Client dealing with a contested will

Thank you for always being so responsive! ...It is such a pleasure to work with you and I really appreciate the perspective you bring and your helpful advice.

Client for business agreements.

I am planning to get my real estate license and I am taking [your] online classes. I wanted to let you know that you are by far the best instructor; your lessons are easy to follow and you also have a great voice.

Viewer of RLM training video.

Thank you so much for your incredible patience and responsiveness - and, of course, your wise advice.

Client for business agreements.

Hi, Ron - Just wanted to give you a quick update - I sent the [bank] manager a snippet from your response and I was finally able to get [them] to apologize and offer me a refund check for the last remaining amounts which I felt that I was owed. It has been great to work with you on this transaction and I'd feel confident about referring you to any friends or colleagues looking to buy in the area in the future.

Real estate client

Hey Ron - I've been reading through all our e-mails in the course of trying to get my taxes together and I'm reminded of how much fun it was to work with you, however gnarly things got - and they certainly did.

Estate settlement client

Dear Mr. Meyers and Mr. Woodworth - A little [gift] to thank you for your kindness in assisting me with the estate issue.

Overseas client.

As I reflect back to almost two years ago when I made that first call to you and immediately I realized I was lucky. This is now history and I know you have given your all and have been willing to be transparent and solve issues that emerged. Thanks and I wish you well."

Family member in contested estate, upon completion of work.

Thank you so MUCH for [your response]! It was wonderful working with you and knowing you!

Probate and real estate client.

Our clients love you!

Financial advisor who has referred several clients to us.

Thank you. You do excellent work.

Estate planning client with complex needs.

Thank you for the excellence in handling the issues brought to you. I cannot forget the kindness and compassion extended to me. You were able to take a stressful and painful time in my life and allowed me to feel comfortable and confident... Mr. Meyers, it has been an absolute pleasure meeting you.

Estate and real estate client.

We are both very glad that you are helping us with these decisions and the planning. - Wife

In my humble opinion you are wonderful! - Husband.

Estate planning clients.

Dear Ron, I think you knew how nervous I was about the new documents... but the final versions were superbly prepared and put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Estate planning client.

I am very moved by your kindness. You are a human being with feelings and a good heart. If only [the opposing party] could have been like you!

Client in multi-year estate litigation.

Thanks to you and Danielle so much for all your hard work, and especially for expertly dealing with the difficult sellers and attorney.

Real Estate Client

[Our mutual client and] I had a chance to review the documents this weekend. I would once again like to extend my compliments on your drafting - the documents are a pleasure to read compared to most others that I encounter.

Financial advisor who referred client for estate planning

Thank you for your keen attention to the details and facts regarding our estate matters.

Estate Planning Client

Thank you for your first-class, professional and personal attention to this closing. My client is impressed and extremely satisfied with your exceptional services as his real estate lawyer.

Real estate broker.

It's extremely comforting having you so knowledgeable in estate sales and this type of situation. I'm sure your experience and knowledge will make this deal reality.

Broker on sale of property from complex estate.

Thank you very much for your guidance and professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with you and I'll be glad to contact you in future occasions.

International real estate client.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time out your busy schedule for our conference call yesterday. My client was pleased and spoke extremely highly of you, in his words you're 'a smart gentleman, who seems to be a closer and is very transparent' - we don't have many people like you in this business.

Real estate broker, in response to creative proposal for sale of estate property.

Thanks for everything Mr. Meyers. Your patience and expertise is truly appreciated.

Repeat real estate client

eThank you for your thorough review of the documents. It is a pleasure to be working again with you and Danielle, and I am very grateful for your help and advice. I know I am in excellent hands.

Repeat real estate client

Highly recommend Ron Meyers and his staff. They helped us with a complex estate sale and were incredibly knowledgeable, professional and caring during the entire process. I especially appreciated their attention to detail and quick response time. Can't say enough nice things. Our real estate broker even commented on how excellent they were. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Real estate client

Sooo helpful! Thanks so much. Really. My body is less tense than it has been in days.

Client for assistance and planning for disabled neighbor

After losing my parents, my sister and I were tasked with the difficult and complicated job of selling their Brooklyn co-op. Ron laid out the process and answered all our questions. He was knowledgeable and compassionate. He was diligent in following up and representing us with skill and professionalism. We encountered issues with both the co-op board and the buyers. Ron was there every step of the way and ensured that our deal was protected and we were able to successfully close. He, and his staff (thank you Danielle) responded to emails and calls, often within minutes. I wish I could give them 10 stars. Hiring Ron was key to successfully navigating this process.

Real estate client

Thanks so much for laying this out-it makes sense to my non-lawyer mind.

Client in highly complicated estate.

Thanks Ron - it's been a pleasure [to work with you]. This is a good outcome, and I'm pleased that I've achieved justice and a fair outcome.

Client for negotiation of contentious property agreement following divorce.

Thanks for your help on the contract - we feel we are in very good hands.

Real Estate client

A quick note to followup from our conversation last week. I really appreciate your ear-you are so rational, reasoned, and empathetic.

Client handling a parent's estate

"It has been a very positive experience working with you, particularly in the early days when the tact and professionalism of your staff got us through unnecessarily difficult negotiations."

Real estate clients

"Your words are very helpful to me. I appreciate your taking the time to write. You have been a real stand up kind of person in the middle of a chaotic situation. I will be happy to refer people to you in the future."

Client for parent's elder planning.

Ron,Thanks for addressing all of this so quickly and in such an efficient way. I appreciate it very much.

Estate settlement client.

I greatly appreciated the style and expertise with which you approached the case, and beyond all else felt I trusted you, which could register as a miracle after my last experience with a lawyer.

Client for estate administration matter.

Letter to person who referred RLM to client:

You will recall that I inquired with you back in August whether you possibly could recommend an attorney who could be willing to take [a] case [that] has been pending with the NY Public Administrator for nearly four years and was complicated by the fact that the surviving family does not reside in the US and do not have any financial means... The family was at the end of their wits, not knowing where to turn and had no monies to hire a lawyer to take care of their affairs.

You referred me to Mr. Ron Meyers who kindly agreed to assist the family, without having any guarantee that he would receive any financial compensation whatsoever (or at best, remuneration not commensurate with the work that he would have to deliver).

During these past months, Mr. Meyers has been diligently following up with the Public Administrator, the surviving family, and with the attorney of the [opposing parties]. He has patiently responded to all queries and concerns from the family in a very respectful manner which I know the family highly appreciated. He has kept the family fully informed each step of the way and succeeded in negotiating an excellent settlement agreement with the [opposing parties]. It looks like the case is finally coming to an end and with a result that is far better than expected, thanks to Mr. Meyer's high quality input combined with due consideration to the family's circumstances.

I am so glad that the anxiety and stress that this family has been through during these years, in addition to grieving from the loss of their sister, now seems to come to an end. Thank you very much for recommending Mr. Meyers, it proved extremely helpful.